Picture Credits

Banner image: photograph of the game prototype, taken by Daniel Burt

About image: 'Seamen's Hospital for infectious diseases in Jurujuba, Rio de Janeiro; a male plague patient lying on a bed being treated by a member of the medical team. Photograph, 1904/1911.' . Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY

How to Play image: 'An elderly man is teaching a group of boys the geography of the world from a globe. Engraving by W.H. Lizars after himself.' . Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY

Play Online image: 'Veterinary practice, consulting room' by Caroline Gunn. Credit: Caroline GunnCC BY

Teachers' Packs image: 'A bespectacled monkey dressed as human is teaching a class room full of dogs musical scales. Etching by Z. Notermann.' by Zacharie Notermann. Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY

Body Quiz Button image: 'Male body builder, Maurice Deriaz, c. 1906' . Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY

Mind Quiz Button image: 'Generating ideas' by Bill McConkey. Credit: Bill McConkeyCC BY

Sex & Reproduction Quiz Button image: 'AIDS prevention advertisement in Marathi' . Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY-NC

Treatment Quiz Button image: 'The treatment of malignant tumours by electrical currents.' . Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY

Society Quiz Button image: 'Engineering: the Amalgamated Makers' Friendly Society.' by John. Northwood. Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY

Animals Quiz Button image: 'Charles Darwin, The variation of animals and' . Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY

Rulebook Download Button image: 'Plan of the Surrey Dispensary, in Montague-Close, near St. Saviour's Church, for administering advice and medicines to the poor inhabitants of the Borough of Southwark, and places adjacent, at the dispensary, or at their own habitations. Instituted in the year 1777.' . Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY

Print & Play Download Button image: 'Printing: a three-quarter view of a press made by Bacon & Donkins, with a detail of the eccentric gearing. Engraving by W. Lowry after J. Farey, 1819.' by John Farey. Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY

Purchase Cards Button image: 'M. Morel, The expert doctor's dispensatory.' . Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY