How to Play

How to play

To get started pick a theme. There are five themes to choose from:

  • Society
  • Mind
  • Body
  • Treatment
  • Sex & Reproduction

Each theme contains a set of cards and each card has a statement describing a medical theory or practice. You must sort the cards into three categories. Is the statement:

  • Past: The theory or practice is from the history of medicine. At least some doctors or scientists thought it to be true. It is now thought to be factually incorrect or is no longer in use.
  • Present: The theory or practice is from modern-day medicine. It is in current use today or believed to be true by at least some respected practitioners or researchers.
  • Fictional: The theory or practice is entirely made up. As far as we know no-one has ever thought it to be true.

Take a few moments to consider each statement. If you’re working in a group discuss your thoughts and decide on your answer.

Place each statement under the category as above.

Once you’re finished go to the answer card to see how you did and find out more about the statements in the accompanying booklet. If you’re playing against another team total up your scores and see who the winner is.

You can play as many as rounds as you want.

What you'll need

You can either play Mind-Boggling Medical History online or download the game. The rulebook and 50 question cards are available as pdfs, which you can print out and cut to size. Or you can order a complete set of professionally printed cards. The print-on-demand service is provided by PrinterStudio, and cards are available directly from them at cost price. Individual sets of cards cost around £12 plus postage, but costs will come down considerably if you are ordering multiple sets of cards. The project does not profit from the sale of these cards.

In addition to the cards and rulebook, you can also download and print answer boards, to help with categorising players' answers.